Bill Kimmer

Metro Mortgage Consulting LLC (Metro Mortgage) is a Third-Party Loss Mitigator. We work as a facilitator between both the bank and seller to help negotiate short sales.

We do not collect any fees upfront and we are only paid if we successfully help close the short sale.

Bill Kimmer is the Manager and the Lead Negotiator of Metro Mortgage. Mr. Kimmer has over 25 years of loss mitigation experience. He was Vice President of Copeland Lumber Yards Inc, which was a $200 million dollar retail lumber company, who had 75 locations in 5 western states. Mr. Kimmer was also in charge of the company’s $20 million dollar credit program. He was the Chief Negotiator involved in both settling and collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars in liens/judgments. When Copeland Lumber liquidated, he was responsible for negotiating the sale of both the company‚Äôs inventory and accounts receivable to multiple buyers. In 2001, Mr. Kimmer purchased the remaining accounts receivable, then opened Copeland Credit LLC a licensed, bonded Credit Collection and Consulting Company. Metro Mortgage Consulting, LLC was then founded in 2008 by Mr. Kimmer.

Metro Mortgage works closely with both a CPA and Attorney, who specialize in real estate. We encourage our clients can consult with them directly to get accurate up to date answers to their important questions.

Metro Mortgage is a consulting firm who specializes in expediting short sales. We are disclosing that we are neither Attorneys nor Certified Public Accountants. You are advised to consult with any of these professionals in regard to any specific questions you may have related to the area of expertise in foreclosures.

Metro Mortgage is not associated with any Government agency. We have not requested nor have we received approval from either the Federal Government or your Lender to conduct our services.

Even if you accept this offer and use our service, your Lender may not agree to change your loan or grant a short sale.