Why Metro Mortgage

The Current Environment

Homeowners are in the biggest financial crisis of their lives and,  for 85% of them, the first call they make for help will be to a real estate agent:

  • Less than 10% of agents have the training needed to successfully negotiate a short sale.
  • Over the last three years, over 70% of all residential foreclosures were never on the market.
  • Over 85% of short sale files agents submit to the banks are rejected the first time around.
  • Over 80% of short sales attempted by real estate agents fail.
  • Our success rate for closing short sales is over 90%.

Metro Mortgage Consulting is a third-party Loss Negotiator. We work as a facilitator between the Bank, the seller, the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent to help negotiate Short Sales.  We are only paid if we successfully help close the Short Sale, and are paid out of the proceeds of the transaction (typically not you as the seller).

Metro Mortgage is a Debt Management Service Provider which is bonded and registered with the State of Oregon (Registration #DM 80067).  Metro Mortgage is disclosing that they are not attorneys or certified public accountants. You are advised to consult with any of these professionals with regard to any specific questions you may have relative to these areas of expertise to include foreclosures.

Bill Kimmer is the Managing Member and lead negotiator of Metro Mortgage.

Mr. Kimmer has over 25 years of Loss Mitigation experience. He was a Vice President of a $200 Million company with 75 locations in 5 western states. While with the company,  he was in charge of a Self-insured Medical Program, Worker Compensation program,  and all other property and casualty insurance lines. He was in charge of negotiating annual Insurance renewals, retentions and dividends. He was the chief negotiator representing the Company in numerous Fire, General Liability and Worker Compensation claims. Mr. Kimmer was also in charge of the company’s $20 million Credit Program. He was the chief negotiator on all the companies Liens and Judgments.  When the company liquidated, he was responsible for negotiating the sale of the Company’s Inventory and Accounts Receivable.

Mr. Kimmer purchased the remaining Accounts Receivable of the company and opened a new company,  Credit Collection and Consulting Company,  in 2001.  As a result of his extensive credit and collection background, Mr. Kimmer founded Metro Mortgage Consulting  in 2008 at the request of several Realtors.